Saturday, March 25, 2006

Days 42-52: famine

I'm just writing these days off. There were no posts because of myriad reasons:
- working
- Chef opening his new restaurant
- working
- tiredness
- repetition of meals (it's getting embarrassing how often we eat chicken, corn and rice; spag bol; lasagne and stir-fry)
- tiredness
- upsetting people
- being upset
- social activism
- life

Something happened back on Day 42 that just took the fun out of this for me.
It still has.
A bit.

It was just easier not to post at all.

It's made me second guess every single word I write here and that defeats the entire purpose of its existence.
Frankly, I'm quite pissed about it.

That is the main reason for the famine.

I'm hoping there will now be a bounty. But there's no promises. OK?

But to fill you in:
Day 43 - pork stir fry
Days 44-47 - can't remember...
Day 48 - chicken corn and rice
Day 49 - spag bol
Day 50 - lasagne
Day 51 - dinner at FF
Day 52 - dinner at Nana & Grandpa's (which I believe was spag bol again, in keeping with the high carb week!), I had a rissoles made by Grandmama
Day 52 - dinner at FF: boys had fish and chips, I had thai chicken salad.
Day 43 - roast lamb by Grandmama