Thursday, February 02, 2006

Day 2 - Vietnamese Spring Rolls

It was hot (again) today and is meant to be even hotter tomorrow (which is actually today as I forgot to post this last night), so that means finding dinner options that don't involve turning the stove on.

This was a bit of a hybrid version of these rolls but they were scoffed with Felix saying words to the effect of , "my God woman, you are the best cook in the whole world, these are awesome."

I had a pork fillet which I drizzled some Worchestershire Sauce, Soy Sauce and sesame oil on before searing in a skillet. It was cooked beautifully with 4 minutes on either side. Nice seared lines and pink inside. Anyway, after resting it I sliced it quite thinly.

I finely sliced cucumber, shallots (our shallots, not the little sweet onions we call eschalots or the ones with onions attached to the green stems that we call spring onions), carrot, capsicum and snow peas. There were mint leaves from the garden and coriander. And Felix's favourite ingredient of all, rice vermicilli noodles, soaked for a few minutes and then rinsed under cold water.

For the dipping sauce I simply provided soy for the boys and soy mixed with sweet chilli for us. See, nowhere good as a sauce made with lime juice, palm sugar, fish sauce and soy, but there you go.

Then it was all in the centre of the table for people to make their own rolls. Delish, light, very healthy and no oven required!
And then,


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