Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Did you plan ...?

"Did you plan to have such a social weekend?" said The Prof, after a Saturday with an extra child (the lovely Morgan who we are about to lose back to the Land of the Long White Cloud), a fabulous visit from the Palmer Berrys on Saturday afternoon, an evening out at the movies after babysitter Ben forgave the Gorgeous Boy for pooing all over him a year ago and came back to us, and then realising that I'd asked our favourite neighbours over for dinner on Sunday...

Consequently we have a fridge full of leftovers including:
  • Tarama from the deli closest to us, Before I lived in Greeksville I used to call it taramasolata - that is SO not cool with the Greeks.
  • Roast chicken bought for the children and babysitter. This too comes from Marrickville Road and a place that may or may not be franchised called "Munch".
  • The brown rice salad from the weekend magazine but minus the chillies because I wanted the kids (on Sunday) to eat it, which they mostly did, with GB declaring "Cos I'm your doodest rice-eating boy aren't I Mummy?" Yes, GB, yes you are.
  • Neil Perry's Morrocan Eggplant. This recipe must be googleable by now but I will endeavour to post it because it is So Damn Good. Plus, it made my vego guests very happy indeed.
  • Just two slices of Kim's Christmas fruitcake which is eerily resembling the fruitcake I dreamt of as a child: ie, MOIST and No Peel!

Too tired to do more right now, it's kind of a leftover life this week, of which, I can say only, moretocome.



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