Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day 27 - Lynda's brekkie egg and sausage slice

The name makes it sound oh-so-seventies. The picture makes it look like vomit. I believe it's an American (Lynda is from the U S of A) thing called a strata, which from my understanding is like a quiche mix with bits of bread through it.

This is a showcase of how many forms of saturated fat you can consume in one dish, but my GOD it tastes good.

1 loaf sliced bread (I know I know, you could use an artisan loaf but really, its for breakfast people so who could be bothered), buttered and cut into 1cm cubes
12 eggs
4 1/2 cups cream (or 1/2 milk, 1/2 cream)
2 cups grated cheese
6-8 sausages, squeezed out of its casing into smallish bits (about half the length of your thumb) (use a spicy one to make it a bit more grown up or plain beef or pork ones to make it really 70s)

- Grease a deep baking dish
- Lay down half the bread
then half the cheese
all the sausage
the remaining bread
remaining cheese
- Pour over the egg and cream mixture (seasoned and also good with some fresh herbs through it)
- Sit for at least an hour or in the fridge overnight
- Bake at 175C for about 45 minutes or until the egg mix is set and the exposed bread cubes are nice and browned and crunchy.

Cut into squares and serve for brekkie/brunch.


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