Monday, February 06, 2006

Day 7 - Stir fried prawns with mungbean vermicelli

Today I caught up with a friend I met when our eldest children were at preschool together. One of those people you just feel easy around. Delightful

At one stage we were talking about that slow surfacing from a long cold winter of chronic poverty, and how it is the little things that the newfound money go on. Not flashy holidays or a new car, no. But spending 80 bucks on fruit and vege when your entire allocated grocery spend in poverty time was 100. Buying things like frozen, peeled and cleaned green prawns. I did this for the first time two weeks ago. Sure, there is still poverty frost on the ground, but man, I feel as rich as royalty having green prawns in the freezer.

Tonight I stir fried them with tons of garlic and ginger and a dash of sesame oil. I am currently in a fixation with sesame oil. It comes and goes.

Then I added water chestnuts, baby corn, julienned snow peas and soaked mungbean vermicelli noodles. I added some soy and hoisin and voila.

There is none left.


Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

where's the pic? you can't go doing food porn like that and then leave us with 'just the article'!

10:33 am  

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