Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day 31 - Hokkien noodles w/ beef

This was very thrown together and considering how bare the cupboard was, delightfully tasty.

Steak. I can't remember what sort but it was lean.
When it was frozen I sliced it very finely then marinated it in some chopped up garlic, Chinese five spice powder, soy and worcestershire sauce.
If I'd had it, I would have thrown in some Chinese rice wine and sticks of ginger here as well.

Then I finely julienned carrot and onion and broke up some broccoli into little florets.

I seared the meat in batches in a wok, adding a dash of sesame oil here and there, and removed each batch after it was cooked.

I cooked the carrot, onion and broccoli
Oh yeah, found a tin of water chestnuts and added them as well
Then I added the steak back in
Added a 600g packet of hokkien noodles
and soy sauce.

See, by rights it should have tasted nasty. But the five spice and sesame oil added some nice flavour to it all and it was lovely.

So there you go.


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