Sunday, February 19, 2006

Day 20 - Pancakes

There is a bit of an institution in this household for Sunday breakfasts to be a little bit spesh. I have gone through the waist-expanding cinnamon scroll phase, am gearing up for the annual Hot Cross Bun phase (I glaze them and everything) but normally it is either a bacon and eggs kind of morning or a pancakes one.

I've followed this pancake recipe since the early 90s. It comes from Pancakes on The Rocks - an ill-fated outlet of which (Pancakes at The Movies) was one of my first jobs and also the catalyst for meeting my first boyfriend. Ahh, the first in so many ways.

Anyway, it appeared I believe in an early edition of a weekend newspaper magazine and is one of the few recipes cut out and stuck into my recipe book (only recipes made several times and loved make their way, handwritten, into the recipe book) and is on about page 5, so as I said, its been on the cooking scene since around 1992. It has slightly modified over the years, I got rid of the oil and simplified it by using SR flour rather than plain (although this does make them even fluffier). Afterall, Sunday morning cooking shouldn't be hard.

2 cups buttermilk (it works equally well with milk or milk with a squeeze of lemon juice in it and left to sit for a minute or two)
2 eggs
2 cups SR flour (alternate: 2 cups plain flour, 3tsp baking powder, 1tsp bicarb)
2 tblsp caster sugar

Beat the milk and eggs together
Whisk in the flour and caster sugar

It should be quite thick and lumpy.

Ladle some into a hot frypan in which you've melted a little knob of butter.
Cook over a moderate heat.
Turn when bubbles appear.
Cook for another minute or two.

Serve with:
lemon juice and caster sugar (the favourite way of me and the boys)
maple syrup (Chef's fave)

Sometimes I put some blueberries in as they cook, or sliced banana.

Today I had thinly sliced white peach between two pancakes and maple syrup. If the boys knew nutella or chocolate sauce was an option there would be no return to normal breakfasts I am sure.

If there is any batter left over I make some pikelets to have with a bit of butter and jam for morning tea. Sometimes my ability to channel the Country Womens Association astounds even me.


Blogger Bec said...

I vote lemon juice and caster sugar too.
Did you know the current national president of the CWA is a family friend of ours?
Really truly. I wouldn't joke about a thing like that.

6:27 am  

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