Saturday, March 04, 2006

Day 33 - Picnic food

Yesterday was the welcome bbq at Felix's school - there were about 600 people there and I saw people I haven't seen in ages that made me feel part of a community and well, quite nice really.

But Ingrid* brought her chicken salad. Which is stupidly easy so naturally delicious.

1 bbq chicken, meat shredded
1 cos lettuce, chopped up
1 punnet tomatoes, chopped up
1 lebanese cucumber, sliced up
1 avocado, chopped up
1 bottle Paul Newman's Ceasar dressing

Combine all in a large plastic container. Eat.

Divine when sitting on a picnic blanket with friends, kids running around feral and a glass of wine in hand.

* Otherwise known as mother to Liam, Felix's best friend and partner in all manner of Star Wars recreations.


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