Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Day 36 - the day before payday lunch

Take $2.20.
Go to the canneen (that would be a staff canteen at an office across the street from us - but come on, no one calls the canteen the canTeen, it's a canneen).
Purchase steamed rice and veggies.
For a whole $2.20.
Return to desk.
Open can of Sirena Puttanesca Tuna - tip over rice and veggies.

I'm not sure if it's because I'd scoffed a can of baked beans for breakfast a few minutes before a meeting at 9.15, but my GOD it tasted good.


Blogger blackbird said...

ate your pasta recipe the night before last (notice how first, I forgot that I was going to make it? now I forget to tell you I made it!)
and it was a smashing success!

10:09 pm  
Blogger Kim said...

OH FABULOUS - that is so good. The only thing better than cooking something new and liking it is having everyone like and eat it too!

3:31 pm  

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