Monday, March 13, 2006

Day 41 - Monday night is pizza night

For Chef's birthday two years ago I got him a session of how to make pizza at Napoli in Boca - a wondrous pizza restaurant in Sydney's Haberfield. He has broken the cone of silence to share:

600ml warm water (44C)
50ml milk
1tsp dried yeast
1.1kg plain flour

(Please note this is a Chef estimating amounts he just sort of guesses at...)

Put it all in the Kitchenaid with a dough hook and mix for about 7 minutes.

Let it rise - it should about double.

Then, pull off a piece, roll out and top with whatever you like.
Chef: salami, pepperoni, cheese, cheese, cheese, anchovies, olives, more saturated fat in whatever form he can find
Me: mushroom, garlic (sometimes artichokes, capsicum, onion)
Felix: ham, pineapple (I know) olives
Oscar: anything, but normally ham, pineapple and mushroom


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